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More information regarding service and after sales support


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Your customized vision concept

Your benefits at a glance:

  • FullHD+ distance camera with telescope stand, saves up to four camera positions, available with 22" and 24" class monitor
  • high ease of operation: dynamic camera movement into the favoured position, 
  • simultaneous display of up to four different image sources (two at the same time)
  • all advantages of the accessory module SPLIT including a separate control unit
  • ideal for the use in schools or at work: simultaneous display of the distance camera- and the VEO camera image on the VEO monitor
  • available options: Joystick, HDMI / USB3 splitter

          VEO EDU

          The VEO vision concept is a modular one and matches the individual needs of the user. It offers the highest reading and operating comfort. VEO is German made ­incorporating innovative technology and contemporary design.

          The Full HD Vario camera magnifies text, pictures, or objects from 1x to 100x and guarantees a high-contrast and flicker-free picture. The unique NELE-technology (Natural-Evolutional-Light-Experience) minimizes reflections and shadows. This offers numerous advantages – especially when hand writing or when looking at three-dimensional objects or at glossy magazines.

          VEO is available with an integrated high-resolution LED flat screen in two different sizes or with connections for a separate LED screen. The three button radio remote control guarantees an easy to use and comfortable operation of VEO.

          VEO SWITCH, VEO SPLIT and VEO EDU are designed to fulfil highest demands in educational or professional environments, such as schools, universities, or work places.

          high quality

          Technical specifications:

          FullHD+ camera with digital zoom
          magnification approx. 1 - 100x

          24"-class | LED flat screen monitor | 1920 x 1080 pixels
          22"-class | LED flat screen monitor | 1920 x 1080 pixels

          Color representation:
          true color mode
          semi color mode:


                                 individually selectable semi colour modes

          radio-remote control: 3-buttons operation
          comfortable XY-table
          line masking /- ruler
          overview function, dimming function
          user menu for further customization
          NELE-technology (Natural-Evolutionary-Light-Experience)

          available options:
          HDMI / USB3 Splitter
          height adjustable CCTV carts

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