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Our product range

Reinecker Vision offers a wide range of reading systems. From entry-level magnifying systems to video magnifiers for people with low vision and vocal system for blind people. Read on and look for the systems that suits best to you.

Electronic magnifiers

Electronic magnifiers capture text and pictures by an integrated camera and reproduce it on the integrated display with a magnification until approx. 20 x. These magnifiers are battery-operated and are thus mobile. They look modern and attractive, therefore outside parties will not even notice the special purpose of the product.

Electronic magnifiers suit perfectly for the use in different spaces at home, on journeys or on the go. They support you when reading small print, price tags in a super market or menus in a restaurant.

Many of these electronic magnifiers are equipped with a writing stand that helps to fill in forms. Some offer a snapshot function and a memory in order to capture pictures for later review in a comfortable magnified mode.

For more information regarding our electronic magnifiers click here.

Video magnifiers

Video magnifiers are reading aids mostly for stationary use. However, they can be transportable or just stationary (desktop). They capture text or pictures and reproduce it on a screen with a magnification of up to 100 x. Video magnifiers offer a maximum of comfort and magnification.

Important features of video magnifiers are an integrated auto focus and a high resolution. Due to an auto focus the camera adjusts automatically to the optimum sharpness. To a certain extent objects and thick books will be displayed sharply despite of different heights. In addition to full colour display, video magnifiers offer a variety of semi colour combinations in order to obtain a contrast enhancement. Line masking and shadowing are other features that offer reading comfort for the user and are helpful for orientation on the screen. Text and objects can easily be moved underneath the camera with a reading table (XY table) which can be integrated or be aside.

For more information regarding our video magnifiers click here.

Reading systems

Vocal systems help severely visually impaired people or blind people to read text individually and independently. These systems convert text into speech and read them out with a clear voice. Volume and speed of the voice can be adjusted individually.Large buttons in a different design help the user to learn their functions with ease. Most vocal systems are designed for the mobile use. Some systems are equipped with a low vision function.

Find out more about our reading systems here.