The contemporary video magnifier

Your benefits at a glance

  • high resolution 20"-class LED flat screen (approx. 49 cm in diagonal)
  • ergonomic and comfortable positioning of the height adjustable and inclinable monitor
  • three level light adjustment
  • individual positioning of text or pictures underneath the camera due to movable XY table with friction brake
  • ease of operation via four clearly structured and tactile controls
  • overview mode: at the push of a button text will be zoomed out for better orientation at higher magnification levels
  • line masking and shadowing offer a targeted orientation on screen
  • solid, stable and light weight (approx. 12,2kg/26.5 lbs)
  • internal menu for further individual and customized adjustments


In 1971, the first video magnifier manufactured by Reinecker Vision, was named Videomatic. Ever since it stands for comfort, innovation and quality.
We are now presenting Videomatic in a new design and combining proven quality features with contemporary design and innovative technology.
The high-resolution flat screen is mounted on an ergonomic swivel-tilt arm that helps the user to position it ergonomically according to individual needs. The operating panel is clearly structured with four large, tactile controls that make operation of Videomatic easy and intuitive.
Videomatic is equipped with a fullHD camera which magnifies texts of books or newspapers and other printed material such like letters. You can easily write or do cross words on the movable XY table with friction brake. To reduce glare reflections and shadows, Videomatic is equipped with a three-level light adjustment. This offers multiple benefits, especially when looking at glare surfaces or while hand writing.

The Focus camera – with LVHD technology

  • fullHD camera with digital zoom and comfort autofocus that can be turned OFF
  • magnification by default from approx. 4x to 42x (can be extended within the internal menu)
  • LVHD technology offers a high contrast, flicker free picture in HD+ quality. The innovative low vision camera has been edited optimally to reduce noise and blurring effects of the picture.

Technical specifications

Focus camera: FullHD camera with digital zoom
magnification approx. 4x to 42x *

*by default, expandable magnification range to be adjusted within the internal menu

LED flat screen 20" class | approx. 49cm 
adjustable in height, inclinable

Color representation:
true color mode
semi color mode:

                       individually selectable semi color modes

Measurements and weight:
weight approx. 12 kg/26.5 lbs
dimensions approx. (W x H x D)
46,5 x 54 x 49 cm/18.3" x 21.3" x 19.3"

comfortable XY table,
line masking, shadowing,
overview mode,
dimming function,
individual menu

available options:
height adjustable table