The eco-friendly video magnifier

Your benefits at a glance:

  • high resolution 19" class LED flat screen (approx. 48 cm)
  • comfortable reading position due to height adjustable monitor
  • LVHD-technology for high-contrast, flicker free picture in HD+ quality
  • simple positioning of text or pictures due to freely movable XY-table with friction brake
  • easy operation by using four big, ergonomic buttons
  • good orientation on the screen due to the ruler/masking
  • solid stability and low weight (approx. 13 kg)
  • integrated user menu for further individual settings
  • highest quality and functionality of all inserted electronic parts
  • eco-friendly development and production
  • low power consumption, made in Germany





Reinecker goes green! With the development of VERDE Focus the protection of the environment, and a responsible use of resources and materials, have always been in focus. In co-operation with other partner companies, our development-, production- and recycling processes have been optimised. The result is VERDE Focus – a high quality video magnifier that protects the environment. VERDE Focus consists of up to 66% recycled components. Due to the innovative LED-technology of lighting and monitor, we have reduced the power consumption to a minimum. Last but not least, VERDE Focus has been manufactured according to the highest standards of quality and functionality.

You will benefit from three main advantages: VERDE Focus supports you when
reading and writing, it protects the environment and your wallet at the same time.

VERDE Focus – Our contribution to environmental protection

  • up to 66% recycled materials and components
  • environmental focus of developing- and production processes
  • use of low budget materials that offer 100% quality and show some minor optical defects; these materials will not be used with our premium products and would have disposed otherwise
  • energy efficient due to the innovative LED technology of lighting and monitor
  • delivery in already used, but completely functional packaging

Focus camera – with  LVHD-technology

  • HD+ camera with digital zoom
  • magnification approx. 3.8x - 55x (factory setting)
    magnification approx. 3.3x - 70x (adaption possible via user menu)
  • LVHD-technology: High-contrast, flicker-free picture in HD+ quality; this technology provides an optimal picture with almost no blurring
  • Permanent-Focus-Technology: The camera is automatically focusing on the text or picture

Technical specifications

60 Hz-camera

Autofocus: Permanent-Focus-Technology

19"-class | ca. 48 cm LED-flat screen

approx. 3.8x - 55x (factory setting)
approx. 3.3x - 70x (adaption possible via user menu)

Freely movable xy-table with friction brake,
line covering, ruler,
user menu for further individual settings

Colour representation:
true colours
semi colours:

                       individually selectable semi colour modes

Measurements & weight:
weight approx. 13 kg
(W x H x D) approx. 52 x 53 x 58 cm

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