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Tactonom Reader

Learn independently – with tactile graphics and spoken information

[Translate to "EU-Englisch"] Mann nutzt den Tactonom Reader mit einer Vorlage von einem Schlagzeug

The challenge

Learning and working with graphic information is associated with great effort for people with visual disabilities. Without the help of others, graphic content cannot be accessed, is difficult to use and contains little non-visual information.

To overcome learning barriers with the Tactonom Reader

The innovative system provides access to graphic information supplemented by audio-tactile elements. This enables every user to work out even complex content independently, at their own speed and in a playful way.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Camera detects the position of the finger and the Tactonom Reader combines the tactile information with spoken text, sound and music
  • Access to the ever-growing, free “Share” database of tactile graphics and text
  • closed system, can be used without PC
  • different modes: explore, navigate, interact, quiz
  • Interactive features enable independent learning at home and in the classroom
[Translate to "EU-Englisch"] Abbildung des Geräts mit einer Europakarte
[Translate to "EU-Englisch"] zusammengeklappter Tactonom Reader

Technical Details

  • supports different languages
  • transfer of audio data via USB or WIFI
  • possible printing media of tactile templates: swell paper, braille printing
  • integrated speaker, 3.5 mm jack for headphones
  • foldable camera for easy transportation
  • dimensions approx. (W x H x D): 43 cm x 43 cm x 47 cm
  • weight approx. 5.7 kg

Accessories (optional)

  • transport trolley
  • magnetic 
  • watch
  • LAN adapter

Share database

– The community of ProBlind e.V. for tactile graphics

We want all graphic learning content to be available in all school subjects and classes to people with visual impairments. To reach that goal, we are working together with you to build the world’s largest “Share” database for tactile graphics.

  • Founder of the open and free database “Share” is the non-profit association ProBlind e. V.
  • constantly growing, free database with graphics for Tactonom Reader
  • ability to add new content to the community
  • more info at