Eye test

Visual impairments often develop gradually and stay unnoticed. Only an eye test brings certainty about the quality of the eyes.

The first indicators of possible vision problems can be detected by a quick eye exam. The exam will test distance and near vision, color acuity, and vision ability in the macula. Below is a test* often used for the purpose of testing the macula.

*The results may vary, and will not replace an examination by an Eye Care Professional.

Macular eye test (Amsler Grid):

Below is a test to see how well your Macula performs. It is called and Amsler Grid test. It is used to provide preliminary information on possible disorders of the macula.

This exam can be self-administered.


Preparation: Must be performed with adequate lighting. Natural daylight is best.

Step 1: Using a ruler to measure the width of the test grid on your screen. Then multiply that number by 3. For example: If the grid measures 3 inches, you would multiply 3x3=9 inches. This is how far away from the monitor you need to position yourself to perform this test.

Step 2: If you wear corrective lenses you will want to wear them for this step. Looking at the GRID from the previously determined distance (9 inches - determined from step 1). Cover eye 1 with your hand. Stare at the dot in the central point on the GRID.
While continuing to stare at the center point on the GRID, change eyes, remembering to cover the other eye now while remaining at the same pre-determined distance from the screen.

Take notice in whether or not you saw changes in the GRID from eye 1 to eye 2.

  • Was one area less visible?
  • Was the center of the GRID same in each eye?
  • Are the individual lines bent?
  • Were the boxes distorted at all?
  • Were the corners or a side of the boxes missing or invisible?


If individual lines are bent or the boxes appear to be distorted, it may indicate a lesion of the macula. If a corner or a side is missing or individual boxes are invisible, it may indicate visual field defects.

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, you may have visual defects and you should consult your Eye Care Professional for treatment and further testing.

Important note: This online eye test may indicate potential vision problems, but does not replace a professionally conducted eye test. That is why we encourage you to do a professional check up every two years by an ophthalmologist.