The Reinecker Vision success story: 1971 to today

We like to invite you on a short trip through the history of Reinecker Vision GmbH and present you the most important milestones.


  • VEO VOX - The first fullHD desktop magnifier with text-to-speech function  by Reinecker Vision is equipped with innovative technology, an intuitive live-reading mode that enables the user to read large documents without limitations continuously.


  • new tailor made mezzo series in three monitor sizes (16", 19", 22" class), with two camera types (Vario and Focus), with or without integrated XY tables, with or without integrated battery (not available with 22").
  • launch of MANO touch 5 and MANO touch 5+: the practical handheld magnifier with touch screen and virtual buttons. MANO touch 5+ incl. handle and induction charger.
  • highest resolution: topolino capo 2K opens new horizons with a camera solution of 2K. topolino capo 2K is equipped with a 2K reading-/distance viewing camera which facilitates reading of large documents.


  • launch of new VEO generation with seven pre-configured models: the standard in video magnifiers
  • launch mezzo vario with 16" class monitor: the compact desktop video magnifier to go
  • launch VOXviva: the camera system with PC connection
  • launch MANOtouch 4: the innovative electronic magnifier with touch display and intuitive operation via virtual buttons


  • launch of the first environmental friendly video magnifier Videomatic VERDE
  • launch of the modular reading system VOXbox
  • launch of the accessory module EDU for Videomatic VEO: designed for educational and professional use
  • relaunch of the website


  • inauguration of the new Service Center Erlenweg 3-5, with more than 2000 qm


  • change of name: Reinecker Reha Technik GmbH has changed to Reinecker Vision GmbH
  • foundation of Reinecker Prolexia GmbH
  • introduction of the new vision concept Videomatic VEO


  • Reinecker celebrates it's 40th anniversary
  • completion of the topolino series
  • the entry-level magnifier miniMAX has been granted the Reddot Design award

2000 - 2010

  • introduction of various new products
  • new Generation of Reinecker’s General Management
  • implementation of the successful Reinecker quality management system

1990 - 1999

  • opening of the first foreign branch
  • launch of the first mobile electonic magnifier and diverse other innovations

1980 - 1989

  • opening of the first subsidiary in Germany
  • the Reinecker head office moves to it's current location

1971 - 1979

  • admission of optical low vision aids via the German health insurance system
  • company foundation